Live, Eat, Train like an athlete


We believe in optimising human performance using a structured strength and conditioning training driven by results based programming and underlying scientific evidence, combined with our experience this offers every individual the best platform to succeed. 

About us

A brief overview of our values, ethos and what drives us.


Live, Eat, Train like an athlete…the motto that we live by

We believe the core of any gym should not be the facilities or the equipment but the coaches, atmosphere, quality of coaching and the results that are delivered.  

At BNAthlete we don’t train you just to live a healthier life, we train you to move better and get stronger. At BNAthlete we train you to perform, whether that is in your everyday life or sporting performance, Delivered with the highest level of coaching.

At BNAthlete we are driven by a desire to help others, to help people live a healthier, happier and more enjoyable life.

The manner in which we train our clients at BNAthlete is different to most gyms. We will blend the methods and techniques used in elite sport with athletes. Adapt them to suit every individuals goals and to deliver sustainable long term results.

The BNAthlete coaches will go the extra mile for all clients. They are personally invested in every single person that comes through the door. They invest a lot of time in the planning and preparation of every individuals training, not just in the gym but outside of it too.


The Coaches




Right then, so writing about myself...not my strongest skill but I will give it ago.

I am a very friendly, happy enthusiastic person and am passionate about sport, health, fitness and helping others. I have a long history in sport starting back in Spain where I was a successful rower and sparring partner for the Spanish super middleweight champion boxer.

I have lived and worked in a number of places in Spain and Lanzarote before moving to the UK where I continued with boxing becoming the Southern Counties champion with an undefeated record and a chance to turn professional. However I chose to focus on being a personal trainer instead working up to managing a gym in Brooklands.

My passion is for training people the correct way, for not cutting corners and for my clients results. I invest a lot into every single client and want them to experience amazing results and learn to understand proper training.

My area of real passion is strength and power.



  • Running hugely successful bootcamps in Surrey

  • Moved onto personal training out of a gym in Brooklands.

  • Progressed through to becoming gym manager while maintaining coaching my clients too.

  • Set up BNAthlete located at the current venue. I wanted more freedom to train people the way I am passionate about.

  • Trainer for Professional Boxers

  • Qualified Sports Massage Therapist

  • Biomechanics trainer 

Sporting Background:

  • Martial Arts

  • Rowing: 3rd in Spain

  • Sparring partner for the Spanish Super middleweight Champion

  • Sussex, Surrey Southern Counties Champion Boxer with an undefeated record 



So a bit about me then. Well I like to think I am fairly laid back and like to enjoy life, have a laugh and obviously enjoy my health and training.
I have competed in a huge number of sports, many to a decent level which is probably where the passion for health and performance came from.

I have been incredibly fortunate to have worked with top level athletes in a range of sports. But I have been ever more privileged in that this has taken me all over the world and allowed me to see and experience cultures from all corners of the globe.

The work with athletes, my sporting background and studies have shaped how I coach. No matter who I am with I place a strong focus on the quality of coaching I provide, blending cutting edge sport science with elite athletic preparation methods, yet implementing them to suit the demands of each clients individual circumstances and lifestyle.

What is my area of specialty? Strength, Power and elite performance.



  • Degree in Sport and Exercise Science

  • Qualified Sports Massage Therapist

  • Coventry University Cricket Team S&C Coach

  • Coventry City FC Academy Sport Science

  • Porsche Human Performance Centre

  • Renault Sport F1 Team

  • Consultant for ProPerformance

  • Consultant for Performe Health

  • 35+ racing drivers including 5 x Formula 1 drivers 

Sporting Background:

  • National 2 Rugby Union

  • County Cross Country Athlete

  • Country Athletics - 200m

  • County Champions in Cricket 5 years in a row

  • Junior record holder 5 years in a row for 100m and 200m