Set your environment to work with you and not against you.


Lets say you are hungry and walk into a room and you see a chocolate bar next to a piece of fruit the chances are you will go for the chocolate.


It's perfectly normal to want to go for the thing that tastes good, I know what I would want. I'm not in shape because I have great discipline I'm in shape because I don't surround myself with the bad food that I can't resist.

Now I'm not saying never eat the food you enjoy again but changing your eating habits at home means that when you go out and do come across the food that you can't resist then you can go right ahead without feeling guilty.

Find out what foods you can't resist and make sure they are never in the house so that when you are craving that food the decision has already been made.


By breaking down the barriers to your success it becomes a much smoother ride. So set up your environment to make it as easy as possible to make the right choices.


So go home clear out all of your cupboards and find someone your not very fond of and give it to them.


If you need any advice when it comes to your exercise and nutrition then send me over a message or leave a comment.

Thanks for reading,


Bryn Jenkins