Why I Think New Years Resolutions Are Good

Why I Think New Years Resolutions Are Good



How many times have you set yourself a goal to become fitter in the new year so you exercise and keep to a strict diet for two weeks only for your plan to crash and burn and you end up right where you started.

Firstly you should give yourself a pat on the back for trying and having the intentions to change.


The main reason people fail at sticking to their new years resolutions is simply down to the fact they try to change too much to soon.


We can only change one habit at a time otherwise it becomes overwhelming or just too much of a chore to keep going.


Sit down and take time out to reflect what it really is you want from 2016 and then set yourself one small habit change and don't change anything else until you have mastered that one small change.


It's like driving a car, you do one thing at a time to get the car moving,... you open the car then you put on your belt and then start the engine, put the car into gear and hopefully check your mirrors and then release the hand brake.


You see getting a car to move which comes so easy to you is done through a process of small steps. This is how I want you to drive your life in the right direction.


If you keep changing these small habits throughout 2016 you will be amazed at what you can change.


So don't be discouraged by the keyboard warriors discouraging people for setting new years resolutions because they are putting out posts about why it's a waste of time and no one achieves anything, rather than finding out why people fail and how we can better that. I personally think new years resolutions are good because it's the only time people stop to self-reflect and figure out what it is they really want or how to become a better person in 2016.


Send me a message and let me know what your new years resolution habit will be.


If your new years resolution is to become fitter, healthier, stronger or to lose weight and need help then get yourself booked in for my coaching programme for 2016.


Thanks for reading as always.

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