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No matter your age or fitness level, BnAthlete is designed to make you look and feel amazing, have pain free mobility and help you live life to it's fullest!


We understand that to be successful in achieving your fitness goals, you need to train like an athlete and our programmes will help you accomplish this. At BnAthlete we like to look at the bigger picture and not just body composition. We train all of our clients to have the ability to move pain free, become stronger, feel more confident and look great all at the same time.


At BnAthlete, we prioritise compound movements in all of our programmes; this is our foundation and will be the building block to everything we do with you. Our methods are based on progressive cycles where you will be challenged every week to get the best results possible. It will take time and it will be hard work, but with our support we guarantee you will have the best and most rewarding training you have ever had before.


BnAthlete Performance works closely with Andy McKenzie (Iron Mac) who is one of the UK's most respected strength coaches, and we are proud to be part of Combined Strength Group. Combined Strength are a group of UK based coaches raising standards in the fitness industry, which is led by Andy McKenzie himself. This provides us with a great network of the best fitness professionals in the industry, and brings to you the most up to date and outstanding knowledge to help you achieve amazing results!



Bryn Jenkins - Leighton Buzzard, Bedforshire

Angel Fernandez - Dorking, Surrey