Hello my name is Angel Fernandez and I am the coach at Bnathlete Dorking in Surrey. I have had a great opportunity to work with a broad spectrum of people ranging from males, females, fit, unfit, professional athletes and amateur athletes trying to excel their expectations of life. My values as a coach are: Hard Work, Honesty, Fun and Results Driven. Are you ready to make the commitment?


8 week programme

At BnAthlete, we prioritise compound movements in all of our programmes; this is our foundation and will be the building block to everything we do with you. Our methods are based on 8 week progressive cycles where you will be challenged every week to get the best results possible. It will take time and it will be hard work, but with our support we guarantee you will have the best and most rewarding training you have ever had before. We also complete weekly challenges that will bring the best out of you – and give you the chance to win a prize! 


  • Weight Loss 
  • Cardiovascular Fitness
  • Core & Strength Development 
  • Muscular Development & Toning
  • Increased Mobility 
  • Nutrition & Supplementation Advice

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