BNAthlete Testimonials

What do our clients have to say about training at BNAthlete...

The coach’s plan our workouts to make them different and fun! They place a lot of emphasis on warming up properly and stretching at the end which is so important! They care about each and every client, making sure we get the very best from every session.
— Cheryl
Training with BNAthlete is challenging and fun. Every session is different but all work towards an overall goal and contribute to improving my mobility and fitness. After just 2 months I can see and feel the difference which is really motivating. I would recommend them to anyone wanting to get stronger and fitter!
— Melanie L
Angel and Alex are very knowledgeable coach’s who create challenging yet fun small group personal training sessions. I highly recommend BNAthlete, they have really helped me achieve my fitness goals in a supportive and friendly environment while really pushing me.
— Katie
I have been training with BNAthlete for 9 months and have never felt fitter or stronger - my back and shoulder aches are a thing of the past! BNAthlete’s sessions are a mix of mobility, cardio and strength but are always FUN! They keep a close eye on form and technique, are incredibly motivational and really care about every single client. I highly recommend BNAthlete to anyone who wants to improve their physical fitness or mobility
— Vivienne
BNAthlete give you and individual, professional and caring approach to training providing you are committed to a change of lifestyle and a healthy mindset! It’s a great way to get fit and strong! They are inspirational!
— Petra
Always a challenge and never the same...I love it! I have trained with the BNAthlete coaches for a long time now. I am stronger, fitter and always ready to push myself to the next level now.

I am always learning, improving technique and performing to my optimum ability keeps me fuelled with the ‘I can achieve anything I put my mind to’ attitude. The coach’s encouragement, motivation and professionalism in what they do is what keeps me committed to my training no matter what other challenges come up in life. I really enjoy my sessions and hate it if I ever have to miss one!
— Kelly B