The Facility

Welcome to our Dorking facility located in the stunning Surrey Hills. We hope that this page will give you some additional information and an idea of what our small but highly functional gym offers.

BNAthlete gym

An Overview

The final piece in the jigsaw for us is the facility.

The facility we have is intentionally small, but we have meticulously thought through every detail to ensure that it is full of only the essentials needed to develop athletic performance.

The functional space in the gym means it is a place where athletes can focus on training and performance free from distraction. 

  • Location: The gym is set in a quiet and private location making it ideal for athletes to train in with on site parking.

  • High quality equipment: Not only are we focussed on providing the highest level of coaching for the athletes, we pay the same level of attention to the equipment we put in the gym to train athletes with.

  • Strength And Power Room: A dedicated strength and power room with a huge selection of free weights, and tools such as gymnastic rings to allow for bodyweight work too.

  • Conditioning And Cardio Room: Alongside the dedicated strength room we also have a separate room dedicated to cardiovascular endurance and conditioning filled with high quality equipment to develop endurance.

  • Outdoor training: Along with the gym our location in the Surrey Hills means we have access to a huge selection of outdoor locations that allow us to take athletes on runs of varying lengths and difficulties or to perform sprint and speed work. 

Want to know more about some of the specific features of the gym then read on below where we will talk you through some of the features.

Half Racks

The gym is equipped with 2 half racks for squatting and lifting. These also come with multiple bars to perform body weight movements like pull ups, and adjustable benches to perform exercises like a bench press. The racks are fundamental to the way we train clients and allow us to get clients squatting and lifting properly using barbells in safety.

BNAthlete kettlebells


An ever expanding range of solid cast iron kettlebells. Great for building strength, functional movements and building explosive power. These can also be great fun and we often use them to mix up training.

BNAthlete slam balls and medicine balls

Slam Balls And Medicine Balls

We have a range of medicine balls ranging from 3-7 kg and a growing selection of slam balls in the gym. Great for developing power, speed and building core strength you will soon become familiar with these. Not to mention with how just how tough hey can be.

BNAthlete plyometric box

Plyometric Box

There are no wooden plyometric boxes in our gym, instead we have a soft plyometric box that allows us to adjust the height to build explosive power, while at the same time minimising injury risks.

BNAthlete cardio room

Cardiovascular Room

Yes we have a dedicated cardiovascular room, but its not quite your normal cardiovascular room. There are no treadmills or spin bikes, instead our room is complete with a Concept 2 Ski Erg, Concept 2 rower and an Assault Airbike. 

BNAthlete gym astroturf


For us space to move, stretch, jump, lift, sprint or push and pull items is key. Thats why astroturf was a must have, it provides us with the ability to get clients doing all of the above and much more.

BNAthlete gym barbells and bumpers

Barbells And Bumpers

We have two full sets of Olympic weightlifting bumper plates ranging from 0.5 - 25kg in the gym. This is along with a selection of weightlifting bars for both men and women plus some specialty bars. These are a staple of the gym and we like to get clients lifting using bars and building strength that transfers to everyday life or sports performance.

BNAthlete gymnastic rings and suspension trainers

Gymnastic Rings And Suspension Trainers

Bodyweight training is always an element of what we do, not only does it form the foundations of all strength work. It will also challenge the body from head to toe, thats why we have 4 sets of gymnastic rings in the facility along with 2 TRX suspension trainers.

BNAthlete Dumbells


A staple of the gym and suitable for individuals of all ability levels and experience when it comes to training. Our range of dumbbells from 1-30kg are a constant presence in our strength, endurance and power training. Dumbbells aren't just there for bicep curls, you will often find us using these for weighted carries with clients to build strength that transfers to life outside the gym.

BNAthlete resistance bands and mobility tools

Resistance Bands And Mobility Tools

We have a huge range of resistance bands, foam rollers and trigger point massage balls, along with other mobility tools to help improve clients mobility, aid stretches, rehabilitate injuries, strengthen joints and to bridge the gap between mobility and strength work through gradually adding resistance into movements. You will be amazed how creative we can be and just how much we can do with the resistance bands. 

BNAthlete battlers, sleds and functional tools

Battleropes, Sleds And Functional Equipment

Building strength in movements that transfer to every day life or into performance are key for us. To help develop this we have a range of tools alongside weights and bodyweight tools, including a weight sled, battleropes, boxing pads and much more.

There is still more to come, our facility and equipment we have for clients is always expanding. We continually strive to improve the service we offer our clients, and this means constant evolvement of the facility too
— Angel & Alex